About us

“EasyPay” LLC is founded in April, 2014 (RA CB License № 17, issued on 04.11.2014, certified according to ISO 27001 standards in 2016). “EasyPay” LLC is payment and settlement organization, which has electronic payment system – “EasyWallet” electronic wallet. Currently, also 21 branches and more than 2000 terminals are available in RA.
EasyPay Team
Artur Mkhitaryan
Mikael Gabrielyan
Deputy Director/ Head of Financial Department
Artur Hovhannisyan
Chief Accountant
Artak Poghosyan
Head of Security and Adminstrative Department
Armen Khangeldyan
Chief IT Security Officer
Emma Vardanyan
Head of Legal Department
Gor Chatyan
Head of Marketing
Ara Atoyan
Head of Business Development and Customer Support Department

Why EasyPay?

EasyPay terminals are available even in the distant cities of Armenia: Payment through EasyPay is faster and easy, and the transaction is reliable. EasyPay is the safest and secure electronic wallet and the best in its field. We apply up to date methods and contribute new services to enhance self-service quality and comfort.

Our mission

  • Release modern and up to date payment tools.
  • Deliver payment and settlement services, which will make the payment process easier, safe and accessible.
  • Implement the service of market’s currently operating payment tools as well as expand the range of available services according to international experience.

Download EasyWallet app easily on IOS and Android systems