EasyPay| Payments of terminals and EasyWallet app


800+ services are 24/7 there for you!

Discounts and coupons

Nest, Salesboom, Biglemon, Kupon.am

Electronic wallets

EasyWallet, WebMoney, YandexMoney, etc.

Utility payments

Electricity, water, gas, etc.

Mobile networks

Team, Viva-MTS, Ucom, etc.

Medical centers

Online payments for medical examination

Governmental and state services

MOH payments, PVD payments, SCREC payments, etc.


Inecobank, VTB Bank, IDBank, etc.

Credit organizations

GoodCredit, GlobalCredit, FINCA etc.

Road police payments

By inspectors, Payments of technical equipment violations

Internet and TV

Team, Viva-MTS, Ucom, etc.

Payments for services and condominiums

Elite service, Eraz condominiums, etc.

Social networks

Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Skype, etc.

Online services

List.am, Onex.am, Auto.am, etc.

Taxi services

GG, U-taxi, etc.


Help Armenian children, 100 fund, Bright Border, etc.

Education fees

Global Bridge, British Council, AUA etc.


Payments, Fines

Online games

World of Tanks, Tanki Online, Warface, etc.

Bookmaker services

Vbet, TotoGaming, Adjarabet.am etc.

Insurance services

INGO ARMENIA, Reso, Nairi Insurance, etc.

Other payments

Smart Solutions, Haysell, Locat etc.