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How to register?

Download the Easywallet app from the App Store or Google play. Log in to the system and click the Register button, then follow the instructions.

How to become an identified user?

To become identified user you need to attach a bank card and a passport / ID card to your Easywallet application or approach one of the EasyPay branches. You can find the identification field in <> section.

How to create favorite payments and groups?

Enter the Easywallet application, in the field of favorite payments, click the "Add new payment" button, and select your preferred payment from the list of services. In My group field, you can create groups and add your favorite payments to these groups.

How to create a schedule?

Log in to the favorite payments section, click on one of the services, and select the schedule button. A section will be opened where you can choose the source of payment, as well as the payments' frequency and period. The system will already remind you of the important payment for your chosen period.

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