How to make QR payments

How to make QR payments

QR payments are easy and convenient
  • 26 Jan, 2021
  • EasyWallet
How to make QR payments

Non-cash payments are very common and convenient payments in shops, cafes, and other places of entertainment. QR payments are simple and available. QR payments reduce cash flow and contact, which is one of the key points in preventing the coronavirus epidemic.
The EasyWallet app allows you to make non-cash payments via QR at various points of merchants, the number of which is constantly increasing. With the EasyWallet app, you can make QR payments very easily in just a few moments and without any commission. To make QR payments with the EasyWallet app you need․

  • Access the application and select the QR symbol from the main section.
  • Opens the camera that needs to be held on the appropriate QR to be scanned.
  • After scanning, the payment page opens, where you can select the payment option, then enter the amount to be paid and press the pay button.

In the posted video you can see how to make QR payments with the Easy Wallet application.

The payment made can be checked in the History field.

You can learn more about this here.

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