AirPay, FacePay, PayPal and other innovation systems

AirPay, FacePay, PayPal and other innovation systems

  • 05 Aug, 2021
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Believe it or not - nowadays, technological advancements and speed of light seem to have become competitors.

Wallets are replaced by digital wallets, bank cards by online payments, etc.

NFC - Near field communication

A wireless system was launched in 2014, enabling different devices to exchange information with a distance of 10cm for it to work. Although to many NFC is seen as a replacement for Bluetooth, it should be noted that Bluetooth is just a safe method for file exchange.

It allows users to carry out payments without cards, often even replacing many other payment systems.

NFC is in such high demand and is so widely spread everywhere in the world, that one will be lucky to find people in the West who pay by card or cash. Instead, they go to stores, subway, etc., bring the phone close to the cash register and make a payment through NFC.

Amazon Pay - a programme launched by Amazon

Amazon has small, circular devices named Alexa. It has many functions, for example, can play music, become a fun chit chat buddy as well as the main sponsor for a “smart house”.

In addition to the functions listed above, it also includes the Amazon Pay system which by recognising voices, registers them in the sound database, identifies them and enables making audio purchases.

AirPay - the first innovative payment method in the region

In Armenia as well, one can find an innovative payment method, the delivery of which happens via air. This method belongs to EasyPay and can be found in a digital wallet called “easywallet”.

This programme takes place with the help of Bluetooth and 10m distance should be maintained throughout the exchange.

Social distancing can be kept when using AirPay. There is no need for a PIN or QR code, nor a bank card throughout the transaction.


Around 100 million people use FacePay in China.

In Moscovian subway stations too, people pay through face scanning - with an app where you register beforehand, your face gets scanned, the programme takes facial measures and other details, etc. Then, as you approach the device near the subway station, it takes a photo of you, compares it with the existing information on the app and charges you accordingly with your card details in the app.

With this payment method, actions through touch are minimised. If you’re on the subway, you avoid queues, get to your train quickly and arrive at your destination.

PayPal- an electronic payment system

When discussing virtual payment methods, one simply cannot disregard the old but gold PayPal. It is known worldwide, has 20 languages and is available in all of the continents. PayPal isn’t just an online wallet, it also has very specific regulations for its users: if you have purchased an item and want to return it but the store refuses to accept your return, you should fill out a form, mentioning why you’re not the one to blame and PayPal as a mediator - lawyer will have your back and make sure that your money is returned.

This is how the new innovative payment systems are; they make our lives easy, minimise situational risks and prove that humans are wise, resourceful and creative.

Download easywallet and pay by AirPay:

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