Easywallet - safe wallet for easy transactions

Easywallet - safe wallet for easy transactions

  • 16 Sep, 2021
  • EasyWallet

Nowadays, people use cash-based payment methods less often, especially the younger generation, who tends to make the best use of the technological era. Cashless transactions are not only convenient options but also contribute to environmental protection and safety standards.

The world now evolves very fast, and it seems that in parallel with the dynamic growth of the world, tech-baked solutions win the show. There are over 2.8 billion mobile wallets in use, and we perfectly understand that choosing the best option might be a difficult task. One thing is for sure, easywallet is among the most dynamic, secure, fast, and easy solutions that joined EasyPay back in 2017.

The simple and clean interface makes the in-app experience even better, as the application provides all the necessary information.

The application offers 470+ services, with the help of which you can:

✔️ Pay utility bills

✔️ Pay traffic tickets and violations

✔️ Make governmental payments

✔️ Bank transfers

(top up your cards, accounts, and deposits)

✔️ Pay loans

✔️ Pay insurance

✔️ Top up mobile network accounts

✔️ Pay for Internet and TV services

✔️ Transfer money to other e-wallets

✔️ Pay tuition fees

✔️ Make purchases from online platforms

✔️ Pay for services on social networks

✔️ Pay for games and fund your betting account

The limit of one-time transfer of the amount through easywallet is 200,000 AMD. If the amount exceeds the limit, you can continue the transfer for the 2nd and 3rd times, dividing it each by 200,000 AMD.

To get involved and to become an easywallet user, you have to pass the verification. Once you are verified, you can make the best use of easywallet, unveiling all the features included in the app.

The application is easy to use and also is another chance to gain freedom from your to-do list...at least from the financial part. For example, by using the option of recurring payments, you can save your time and energy, and pay your bills by creating a shortcut.

Here is how you do it:

✔ ️ Download easywallet and pass the verification.

✔ ️ Find and click the "More" button located next to the "Preferred payments" section

✔ Then, by clicking on the three dots on the right side, you will find the scheduling button.

✔ Choose the payment method and define the amount and schedule of the payment

✔ Click the “Repeat” button and choose the best payment option.

The application is safe and secure. All the information is accessible only for you as you are locking your wallet using a PIN code.