Anna and her assistant | EasyPay - All in one solution

Anna and her assistant | EasyPay - All in one solution

  • 12 Nov, 2021
  • EasyWallet

If you are asked to describe your typical Monday morning routine, you would probably go like this:

"I usually wake up, rush to the office, work, wait for the lunch break, fight back and finally achieve my perfectionism, finish my work perfectly and return home to sleep, waiting for the same routine to repeat".

These are the rules that define and describe the everyday life of modern men, and apparently, this routine is very much familiar to 28 years old Anna, who works in IT, lives alone, with her dog and a car, the only thing left from her father.

And you know how they say it, sometimes your profession chooses you and dictates its own rules, and that is the case with Anna. Because of her profession, Anna lives her life in accuracy and exact numbers. In case there is traffic, she always has a plan B, and in case of plan B is not working, plan C takes the stage. So as for Anna, there is just one field where plan A works just fine - finances, and believe it or not, she has a personal assistant for this -easywallet.

Turns out that in a tech-baked world, where almost every problem is solved via technology, finances and online wallets are other hot topics for discussion.

Chilling at home

Anna’s everyday life is busier than ever, and recurring payments in her easywallet save her time and never let her get messy with all those cards, numbers, and cash. Moreover, now, she turned her phone into a banking system where she can plan her expenses and pay for her utilities by using recurring payments and preferred groups options which create a shortcut and save Anna’s time and energy. The system is very easy: whenever she receives her salary, the application will automatically calculate and charge the proper payment amount, while she is chilling at home.

Avoiding bad drivers

Anna remembers her driving lessons very well, but you can never be sure that other drivers do. While she perfectly knows where and when to turn left, she makes sure to have a backup, using easywallet application, to pay for her MTP insurance and to always be sure that she is safe while she is driving.

Girls just wanna have fun

Finally, it’s Friday, and the whole working buzz feels behind. For this Friday, Anna has prepared a special day for herself. Chilling at home, spending some time with herself, and doing what she likes: playing PUBG. To top up her gaming account she uses easywallet, to avoid those “sorry, not enough funds” and “please, upgrade your account” phrases.

Back to reality

Although Anna loves accuracy, she sometimes gets carried away with her expenses, forgetting her dreams of traveling, getting a new car, visiting New Zealand, or at least, traveling in Armenia.

Even in this case, easywallet constantly notifies her that hard work and dreams pay off, and she has to cut her costs, to reach those goals. Using the application, she keeps track of her expenses.

As you can see, Anna loves accuracy, safety, and speed and that is the main reason she uses easywallet, as her assistant.