What is AirPay and how to use it

What is AirPay and how to use it

  • 30 Jun, 2020
  • EasyWallet

EasyPay presents a new payment method, which has been created by our programmers within the last few months as a result of their long-term work.

With the spread of COVID19 decease, a lot of importance was attached to the role of non-cash payments, which prevent the spread of infection. Our team aimed to create a payment method that will be of a high-speed, simple in use and will exclude the use of cash, reducing communication when making purchases and payments. The payment method of EasyWallet is AirPay.

What is AirPay

AirPay is an innovative payment method, which is the first and only in the whole region. The payments with AirPay are made literally by air, which is an exclusive solution in payment and settlement field.

By making payments with AirPay there is no need to provide your banking card to the salesperson, enter PIN code or scan the QR code. You can make payments with just a few clicks on your phone.

With this innovative payment method, you can make payments from the distance of up to 10 meters, as it works with Bluetooth. All money transfers, payments and purchases are made without any commission.

Why to choose AirPay payment method

Here are the benefits of this innovative payment method:

  • AirPay payment method is the only one in the region.

  • Payment with AirPay excludes communication and cash circulation.

  • It is considered to be the safest payment method in payment and settlement field.

  • It is possible to make payments with AirPay literally by air.

  • AirPay makes it possible to send and receive money in one moment.

How to use AirPay

To make money transfers and payments with AirPay first you need to download EasyWallet electronic wallet and go through the identification process by attaching you banking card or passport/ID card and activate AirPay field.

How to use AirPay if you want to make a money transfer.

To make a money transfer with AirPay, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the main page of EasyWallet and click «AirPay» button.

  2. In AirPay section click to «Search nearby». As a result, the system will find the user, who has applied to receive the money transfer and the amount to be transferred.

  3. Choose the payment method, i.e. any of the attached banking cards or EasyWallet account and click «Pay» button.

After these steps, your payment will be confirmed.

How to use AirPay if you want to receive money

To receive money with AirPay, just follow the following simple steps:

  1. Go to the main page of EasyWallet and click «AirPay» button.

  2. Click «Receive» button.

  3. You will see a new field, where you can fill in the necessary amount and then click "Send".

Once you your payment is sent, you will receive confirmation by our system.

By following those easiest steps, you can make money transfers in one moment.

We want to remind you, that it is possible to make payments with AirPay only with EasyWallet

Download EasyWallet application from Google Play and App Store and enjoy quick and safe transfers.