Opening a Free Bank Account Is Possible in easywallet

Opening a Free Bank Account Is Possible in easywallet

  • 23 Jan, 2023
  • EasyWallet

It was July 1 this year when the new law was adopted. It refers to all the Armenian digital wallets, including easywallet. And it says that the user should pass verification via their passport or ID card and add a debit card to the wallet to use it. Besides, the user should add only their own debit card. Otherwise, the setup will be canceled.

There went the fear: no one was ready for such a change, and many users didn’t want to add their cards to e-wallets.

We realized that the solution to the problem is easy: to enable you and all the other users to open a bank account right in easywallet and use it.

So, now you can open free Armeconombank and Evocabank accounts in easywallet. The list of banks will continue to be updated. And if you are wondering whether it is worth opening a bank account via easywallet, keep on reading.

7 reasons you should open a bank account in easywallet

Let’s see what advantages you have by setting up an account in easywallet.

1. You don’t have to add your debit card if you don’t want to

2. It’s convenient when you don’t have a bank account

3. There’s no need to visit a bank branch or present documents

4. You can open an account regardless of where you are

5. It’s free!

6. You can top up your account via EasyPay payment kiosks

7. You can cash out the amount transferred to your account in the bank.

Now let’s get down to the steps of setting up an account.

Open a bank account in easywallet

Let’s start from scratch. Download easywallet from App Store or Google Play and fill in the fields to register. Then get verified so that you can set up an account and use it.

As soon as you’re done with the main step,

1. Click Open free bank account on the main page

2. Enter your data and click Confirm

3. Enter the code sent to your email and click Confirm

4. Choose one of the banks (Armenconombank or Evocabank)

5. Fill in your data and scroll down to get acquainted with the terms and conditions, then check the box and click Confirm again.

That’s it! If the data matches, the bank will approve your account, and you can use it to the fullest! To see the bank account you just opened, click the Payment Source button on the bottom right and click Accounts afterwards.

Pay easily, live easily.