EasyPay LLC is controlled by the CBA

EasyPay LLC is controlled by the CBA

  • 05 May, 2022

You have probably noticed this sentence “EasyPay LLC is controlled by the CBA”.

We mention it in every publication online. In Armenia, every payment and settlement organization is controlled by the CBA from the day of its establishment, as it is a legislative regulation.


RA Law on the Central Bank

Article 17, paragraph 2

The Central Bank regularly, but not less than once a year, publishes a report on the financial stability of the Republic of Armenia to the National Assembly, the Government, and other interested state bodies, which includes the analysis of the banking, credit, insurance and securities markets, as well as information on measures taken to regulate and control those markets.

What has changed?

Following the decisions of the CBA, datedMarch 22, 2022, № 46-N and 48-N:

  • From May 2, it will no longer be possible to top up e-wallet accounts from payment terminal kiosks

  • From May 2, easywallet will have limited payment options for unidentified users

  • You can read more here:


Along with the legislative changes, we are looking for ways to make life easier. Therefore we encourage all of our users to:

  • Identify yourself by attaching a passport/ID card and bank card to your easywallet account, and continue using the application at its best. Identification is required to get access to all the features of the easywallet application.

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