A win-win situation? Here it is.

A win-win situation? Here it is.

  • 22 Aug, 2022
  • EasyWallet


Every 100th payment of 5000 AMD and more made via easywallet gives the user 5000   easycoins. Every 100th QR code payment of 2000 AMD and more gives the user 10000 easycoins!

You can immediately spend the earned easycoins the way you wish. 1 easycoin = 1 AMD.

To participate in the promo, you must be a verified user. You are required to attach your bank card or open a new bank account right in the app.

  • In case of a win, you immediately get the guaranteed win of easycoins on your easywallet account. There is no need to wait for the results of the draw.

  • You can immediately spend your easycoins regardless of the amount.

  • You have a chance to make secure payments with a single tap.

  • You can make any of more than 800 types of payments, such as paying the loans, utility bills, traffic fines, making QR code payments, be it for coffee, ice cream, or something else. Learn more about all of the payment methods that easywallet offers by following this   link.

To take part in the promo and have all the advantages at hand, you must go through the verification process: your data security is ensured.

The promo launches on August 22, 2022, at 09:00 and ends on October 5, 2022, at 23:55. Start making payments through the easywallet app right now and get higher chances of multiple winnings.

Participation is restricted to users who have successfully completed the verification process and attached their banking cards or opened a new bank account.

Only successful payments will be considered for the promo; rejected payments will not be taken into account.

The promo does not include the replenishments from payment terminals, bank cards, and bank accounts, as well as the transfers made between easywallet accounts.

We genuinely wish you fruitful shopping! Be the 100th every time and enjoy your easy wins.