Take it easy with easywallet

Take it easy with easywallet

  • 20 Oct, 2022
  • EasyWallet

From October 20, 09:00, to December 20, 09:00, repay your loans via easywallet and take part in the “Take It Easy” promo. 50 winning receipts will be selected during the draw, and your payment receipt may also win. If you win, you will receive easycoins equal to the amount on your winning receipt for six months.

What the promo has for you

The campaign gives you the unique chance to receive money equal to your loan repayment amount for six months. It means that you can forget about your loans for half a year:) However, you can also use your win for other purposes. In this context, you get the freedom to manage the money the way you prefer.

The promo conditions

· You can participate in the draw if you have passed verification and attached a bank card or opened a bank account right in easywallet.

· The draw refers only to the loan repayments made via easywallet. Repayments through EasyPay payment kiosks are not considered.

· For a six-month period, easycoins equal to your loan repayment amount will be transferred to your easywallet account every month (1 easycoin = 1 AMD). Suppose it cost you 45,000 AMD to repay your loan according to your winning receipt. In this case, you will receive 45,000 easycoins on your easywallet account on the 7th business day of every month.

· To participate in the draw, your repayment fee must be at least 5000 AMD.

· There is no limit on the number of wins per user.

· If the sixfold amount of the sum on your winning receipt exceeds 300,000 AMD, the maximum amount of the win will therefore be 300,000 easycoins. In this case, this amount will be equally distributed over six months and refilled on your account at monthly intervals.

· Only receipts confirming the completed and confirmed transactions will be considered during the draw. The draw will not include attempts of loan repayment and transactions rejected for any reason.

· Employees at EasyPay LLC cannot take part in the promo.

We are waiting for you on December 26 and wish you much success.