How to attach a card to your EasyWallet?

How to attach a card to your EasyWallet?

  • 15 Sep, 2020
  • EasyWallet
How to attach a card to your EasyWallet?

For making payments with EasyWallet, besides of wallet refill, which you can do through EasyPay terminals, you may also attach a bank card (s) to your EasyWallet.

For attaching a card to EasyWallet, you need to follow these simple steps.

1.Log into Easy Wallet, then click on the 4th logo at the bottom which is formed like a card.

2. Press the <<+>> sign and select the bank which card you want to attach to your wallet.

3.After selecting the bank will open a window, in the free fields of which you can fill in the bank card data.

4. The system will charge 100 AMD from the card and will transfer to your account of EasyWallet, which can be used later to make a payment. And you will have already a bank card attached to the application.

You can see all this more clearly in the video attached to this article.

Download EasyWallet application from  Google Play and  App Store.