Everything about QR

Everything about QR

  • 06 Jul, 2021
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Where did QR come from?

In the land of the rising sun, Japan, the QR code was created by the Denso-Wave organisation in 1994.

Initially, it was a project created by an automobile organisation but later, taking note of the big capacities of our little friend, it spread widely into many other fields.

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What does QR do?

QR is a special type of code that contains information. It responds quickly to the code coming its way through the camera, analyses it within seconds and shows you, for example, an address of a café, takes you to a library’s website, etc. QR may easily be considered an information generator.

How to pay with QR

You might have noticed the QR label near the cash register in a store. When you scan it, the scanned image reads the digital wallet address of the store, analyses it, compares it with the existing QRs in the information base, finds the corresponding QR and carries out your payment accordingly.

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How to use QR within Easywallet?

You can find the QR symbol in the main page of the app and by clicking on it, the scanner camera will appear.

After scanning, the payment page will appear on the screen where you can choose how and how much you want to pay.

And don’t forget to press the “pay” button.

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How many types of QR are there?

It is common to classify QR codes into 2 categories: static and dynamic.


Static QR has limited capacity for absorbing information, is it free and indefinite. One can find email addresses, wifi passwords, URL-s, etc., within static QR codes.


Unlike static, dynamic QR has the capability of changing and absorbing many types of information although it operates with the same mechanisms as the static one.

What else should you know?

The biggest QR code in the world is the one found in a farm owned by Canadian farmers.

The QR code was created in an area consisting of 2.9 hectares of land, enabling airplane messengers to scan it and head to the Canadian farm’s official website.

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