EasyPay Joins Teach For Armenia’s Nation-Builders Program

EasyPay Joins Teach For Armenia’s Nation-Builders Program

  • 03 Dec, 2021
  • EasyPay

The culture of corporate responsibility for education is gaining momentum in Armenia. EasyPay is one of the pioneers to join Teach For Armenia’s Nation-Builders school sponsorship program.

The program aims to provide support for schools in rural communities across Armenia and Artsakh. Members of the Nation-Builders program support schools by providing financial support for a Teach For Armenia Teacher-Leader, a student-led Community Innovation Project, and technology. The main goal is to provide equal educational opportunities for all children in Armenia and Artsakh.

According to the Head of Marketing at EasyPay, Tigran Parseghyan, the partnership promotes a culture of long-term investment in Armenia’s education system and a better future for the entire country.

"The focus of our partnership is developing and improving the country's educational sphere. We believe that high quality education is an essential precondition for having a developed country and a conscious society. Through our contribution, EasyPay seeks to support schools and students in remote communities of Armenia, thereby, helping them thrive and speak on an equal footing with the rest of the world,” said Tigran Parseghyan.

"Education is the cornerstone of a successful state and society. There is no better way to improve people and the world than investing in education. Unfortunately, many children in Armenia and Artsakh do not have access to quality education. Teach For Armenia and EasyPay are partnering to help solve this problem. We are confident that, together, we can increase educational opportunities for students in rural communities and give our Teacher-Leaders the tools they need to support them,” said Vardan Ghaplanyan, Head of Public Partnerships at Teach For Armenia.