Cool Football Promo for the 2022 Football Festival

Cool Football Promo for the 2022 Football Festival

  • 01 Dec, 2022
  • EasyWallet

What would a football championship look like without competition?

By saying this, we don’t mean the battle between football teams. You will soon get to learn about the heated competition including people behind the screens, those in the stadium, and—most importantly—you.

December 3 to December 18, 2022, take part in the contest organized for the FIFA World Cup. For details, keep on reading.

How to Participate

Before each match of the Round of 16 and the ones coming after, you will see a post related to the match on our Facebook page. Before the match starts, write in the comments which team you think will win the match. If your answer is correct, you will get 3 points.

You will get 2 points if you share the post and 1 point if you like it before the match begins.

Let’s sum up: if participants take all the steps accordingly, each of them will gain 6 points. In case you don’t mention the winning team or mention it incorrectly but share and like the post, you will get 3 points.

Here is when your answer will not be counted:

· If you have edited your comment

· If you have left a comment after the match began

Besides, the employees of EasyPay LLC will not be able to participate in the draw.

Being an active participant will affect positively your final score.

What Awaits Participants with Highest Scores

Finally, we got to the most exciting part!

The 3 participants with the highest scores will be the winners. The total sum of the win is equal to 600,000 easycoins (AMD).

1st award winner: 300,000 easycoins

2nd award winner: 200,000 easycoins

3rd award winner: 100,000 easycoins

A friendly reminder: 1 easycoin = 1 AMD.

As soon as the matches are over, we will count all the scores of the participants, gathered from all our posts related the Round of 16 and the matches following it.

The random picker program will choose 3 participants among those with the highest scores. We will contact each of the winners personally.

How to Get the Win

You will receive your win on your easywallet account in the form of easycoins. You can convert the latter to AMD without effort, use them in the app itself, or after transferring them to your bank card.

If you still don’t have the easywallet app on your phone, install it from App Store or Google Play, sign up, and get verified. Then, attach your bank card or open a free bank account right in the app. Note that you must be a verified user to get the win.

The best of luck to you! See you on our Facebook page.